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Cash & Release

Boat Service



Secretrip offers private boat service to drop you off on the island of Porquerolles or to the select, secluded beaches of Brégançon, avoiding the crowds and regular lines at other modes of water transportation.


Drop off by boat at Porquerolles, on a beach of your choice or at a secret cove of our recommendation.



Price per person, roundtrip:

Porquerolles - Main Village: € 30

Porquerolles Beach: € 30

Brégançon: € 25



(180 per boat min. charge, if not filled to capacity)


Paddle Board

Paddle Board

Exclusive Paddle Board ride



4-hour outing.


The paddle board is perhaps the best way to discover the Mediterranean coast.  At your own pace, as close as possible to nature, and far off the beaten track. This activity is accessible to all.


Departure by boat with all the equipment on board.


We whisk you away to a spot known only to Axel and Seb – truly a well-kept secret. After a light warm-up, we take our first paddle stroke in a safe and tranquil bay.  Then, intrepid paddleboarders, we set out to discover beaches with breathtakingly turquoise waters, wild, natural coves, vertiginous cliffs, snorkeling, surprises, and snacks (refreshments).



Adult : 70 €

Children (5 à 12 ans) : 80 €

Family (2 adults an 2 children) : 300 €


You can bring with you: towel, sunscreen, hat.


Sports activities

Sports activities

Kitesurfing, wakeboarding, snorkeling…



The ageless and glorious sea beckons, so come on board with us, let us take the plunge together!

Whether paddleboarding, kayaking, kite-surfing, or snorkeling, whether you are 7 or 77 years old, we will guide you to the most hidden beauties of our coast, where no one goes. Thanks to our boats, which are supremely adapted to this region, we often reach places inaccessible to most, in the best weather conditions.

Swim and snorkel with the fish in Port Cros, paddleboard at sunset, or kitesurf in a pristine, turquoise bay… we share our secret spots with you!  Contact us now for more information.

You will be supervised by sports coaching professionals.

Of course if the weather conditions present the slightest risk, we reserve the right to cancel the activity at no cost to you.



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Coordinator of your Special Events.



Responsive, professional, and highly competent in all aspects of private and group events planning and execution, Secretrip is ready to create with you a spectacular bespoke event!

Shooting in exceptional villas, access to natural or historic sites by sea or by air ... In order to optimize your days, limit transport and waste of time, we offer an extraordinary housing panel, in villa or apartment. Get off the beaten track and standardized hotels with tailor-made formulas adapted to your requirements.

Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday on an island, a family celebration in a picturesque Provençal village; our region offers a bounty of magnificent, sunny sites all year round.

We are ready and pleased to advise, organize, and manage your unforgettable event!



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Your specialist for excursions in Provence

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